Accessibility (ADA)

Joyful Noise – Information for Individuals with Disabilities

For ADA assistance contact the ADA Access Coordinator at or call 651-631-5151.

Requesting ADA Accommodations:

If you are an individual with a disability who may require an accommodation to enable your full enjoyment of and participation in the Joyful Noise event, the information below is provided about accommodations currently planned and how you may receive additional assistance if needed.  If you have needs that are not addressed by this information we ask that you submit your inquiry or request to the ADA Access Coordinator on or before May 27, 2019. Any requests made after May 27 may prove difficult to reasonably accommodate.

Transportation to and from Joyful Noise: 

Joyful Noise does not provide any shuttling services for any of our guests. All transportation to and from the event site will need to be arranged by each guest.

Joyful Noise does not provide wheelchair push service and/or personal care attendants.


A separate ADA lot will be available to guests with valid and lawfully issued handicap placards, plates and/or permits. The ADA parking lot is located south of 105th street on the north side of the event site.

The person to whom the placard/plate/permit is issued must be present in the vehicle to park in the ADA parking lot. Event staff may request proof of ownership of such handicap placards/plates/permits.  All guests with mobility disabilities should talk with their health care provider to obtain the necessary documentation prior to arrival to the event, including temporary accessible parking tags.

Designated ADA parking locations are on a first come first served basis. If ADA parking locations do fill up during the course of the event, a vehicle drop off location is located near the ADA parking lot south of 105th.

Joyful Noise does provide a limited amount of golf cart shuttling from parking lots throughout the event operations. These rides are on a first-come first-served basis and are for all of our Joyful Noise guests.

Please note that it is against the law to park in designated accessible parking locations without the proper and required credentials. When guests take designated accessible parking locations it uses valuable space that has been reserved for guests who actually have disabilities.

ADA Access Entrances:

All entrance gates and exits are accessible to those with mobility issues. Gate #4 has been identified as our ADA accessible entrance due to its proximity to the ADA parking, hard surface pathways, with the least amount of terrain obstacles into the event site.

Gate #4 is ADA access only.

If a person with ADA mobility issues desires to purchase an Early Entrance admission ticket, they will need to enter through the Early Entrance gate, which is located near to Gate #4. Please refer to event map or app for all gate entrances and exits.

Wheelchair Accessibility:

The majority of the event grounds are navigable for people with mobility disabilities, but due to the nature of an outdoor music festival there is terrain (grass, hills, etc.) that could prove to be difficult to navigate for people with mobility disabilities.

There are accessible pathways and routes throughout the event site. We encourage all guests with mobility disabilities to utilize personal forms of transportation, including wheelchairs and scooters. Motorized wheelchairs, scooters, or mobility devices for guests are allowed on the event grounds but are not available for rent at Joyful Noise. All mobility devices need to be arranged and provided by the guest needing the mobility accommodation prior to his or her arrival at the event site.

Due to the temporary nature of this event, Joyful Noise does not guarantee availability of electricity for recharging personal motorized wheelchairs. If an electric mobility device needs to be recharged during the event operations, we encourage you to visit the Access Center or First Aid station to be directed to possible recharging location. Guests should bring all their own personal accessories needed to charge their mobility device. Each individual is responsible for recharging their own device and will need to stay with their device while charging.

Joyful Noise is a crowded event and for safety reasons all personal motorized, scooters, or powered mobility devices must not move faster than walking speed. Personal golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, two-wheeled scooters, hover-boards, etc., are not allowed anywhere on event grounds.

Reserved Accessible Viewing Areas: 

There are reserved accessible viewing areas made available to ADA patrons who need to see above standing guests. Viewing areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to those who use wheelchairs.

The grandstand offers multiple reserved wheelchair locations that offer a great views of the concert site. Additional viewing areas can be found on the Joyful Noise map and app.

Adult guests with a disability may bring one companion into the reserved viewing areas. Child guests with a disability may bring their parents and siblings into the reserved viewing areas.

Folding Chairs: 

All Joyful Noise guests are allowed to bring their own umbrella or camping style folding chairs. Joyful Noise does not provide chairs or seating other than the permanent (blencher style) seating located in the grandstand. For guests who can not stand for extended periods of time, bringing a folding chairs is a great option to find relief from short or long periods of standing.


Joyful Noise does allow personal umbrellas that are 36” in diameter or less. For the safety of all of our guests, umbrellas cannot have sharp or pointed ends. Out of courtesy for those near or behind umbrella users, we ask that umbrella users keep them as low as possible in order to not obstruct the view of other guests.

Service Animals:

Joyful Noise guests with disabilities that require service animals and are trained to do work or perform tasks for those persons with disabilities are welcome at Joyful Noise.

Pets of any kind are not welcome at Joyful Noise. By law, if an animal’s purpose or task is to provide protection, emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship, it is not considered a service animal and may not come to Joyful Noise.

All service animals must remain by the handler’s side at all times and must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devises. In that case, the individual must remain in control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls. All service animals must be under the control and care of its handler at all times and must be “house broken.”

Due to the nature of the Joyful Noise’s event site (artificial turf, concrete, asphalt, sport fields, etc.), appropriate service animal relief areas will be identified on the Joyful Noise map and app. Service animal relief areas will be located as close as possible to designated ADA seating locations and services.

Anyone bringing an animal onto the Joyful Noise event grounds will be responsible and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal.

American Sign Language (ASL):

  • Friday: TBD
  • Saturday: TBD

Joyful Noise can provide ASL interpretation for guests that require it.  Due to the time it takes interpreters to study and practice the music to be presented at the festival, we ask that you make your request for interpreter services by May 27, 2019.  Requests made after that date may not be able to be accommodated.

The location for those individuals requiring ASL interpretation will be located next to the left side of the stage. Please refer to the Joyful Noise map and app for location.

The ASL location is reserved for individuals that require an ASL interpretation. This area is not intended to supplement or replace Reserved Accessible Viewing Areas for those guests with mobility disabilities, though we recognize that some of our guests that require ASL interpretation may also have mobility disabilities too. This ASL area is available on a first-come, first-served basis for those who use ASL interpretation.

Adult guests with a hearing disability may bring one companion into the ASL interpretation areas. Child guests with a hearing disability may bring their parents and siblings into the ASL interpretation areas.

Space in the ASL interpretation area has consistently been at a premium and Joyful Noise respectfully requests that our guests not needing ASL interpretation not utilize this space.


Accessible Toilets and Hand Washing Stations: 

Accessible indoor flushable toilets are located just inside Gate #4, which is the entrance into the Expo Hall or Merchandise Building. There are also indoor flushable toilets located under the Grandstand. Accessible portable toilets and hand washing stations are also available wherever there are standard portable toilets. Please refer to the Joyful Noise map for toilet and hand washing station locations.

Free Water Station: 

Joyful Noise provides two locations where guests can fill water bottles for free. These stations are wheelchair accessible and can be found on the Joyful Noise map and app. Guests will need to supply their own water bottles or containers, so please plan ahead. Water is also available for purchase at the majority of the food vendors.

First Aid Stations:

Joyful Noise First Aid staff and Emergency Medical Services are located in several locations throughout the festival site are open during event operations. Please refer to the Joyful Noise map or app for locations.

Teams of First Aid and Emergency Medical teams will also be on patrol throughout event site (on foot and bikes) during event operations to provide information and services if medical attention is needed by guests who may have difficulty getting to First Aid stations for treatment.

Ambulances, EMS and EMT staff are standing by at our first aid stations in the case of medical concerns, treatment or emergencies.


Please bring enough prescription medication to meet your personal needs while attending Joyful Noise. All prescription medications must be in prescription packaging with prescription labeling. Joyful Noise does not provide storage or refrigeration for any medications. Individuals who have prescription medications that need to be kept cool must make arrangements (like a small cooler with ice) to keep them cool prior to arriving to the event grounds.

Medical Waste Disposal:

Please dispose of your medical waste and sharps in proper disposal locations. If you need assistance in knowing where to dispose of medical waste and sharps, please go to a first aid stations and you will be directed to appropriate disposal locations.

Recharging Medical Devices:

Due to the temporary nature of this event, Joyful Noise does not guarantee availability of electricity for recharging medical devices. Please plan to have enough power reserves for the entirety of the event operations prior to your arrival on the event site.

If an electric medical device needs to be recharged during the event operations, we encourage you to visit the First Aid station where you may be directed to a possible recharging location. Guests should bring all their own personal accessories needed to charge their medical device. Each individual is responsible for recharging his or her own device and will need to stay with the device while charging.

ATMs and Concessions:

All ATMs and concessions are fully accessible and located throughout the event site. Please refer to the Joyful Noise map or app for locations. Please note that some locations might be located on grassy areas.

Special Dietary Needs:

Joyful Noise will have some food vendors that sell gluten-free and allergen free food and snack options. Generally speaking, the venue does not allow outside food and beverages. But for those with special dietary needs, individual-sized portions of food in small soft sided coolers maybe brought into the festival site. Please inform security personnel at the entrance to the festival site if you are carrying food for someone who has a food allergy or other medical condition that requires a specialized diet. No large coolers will be allowed into the festival site. Personal-sized refillable water bottles are allowed and encouraged, especially if it looks like it will be a hot day in the sun.

Questions or Concerns Before or During the Event:

If you have further questions about the efforts that have been or may be undertaken to accommodate individuals with disabilities at this event, please contact the ADA Access Coordinator at  Should any disability-related issues arise during the event, please come to the Access Center or notify the nearest event staff member.